How MagnaMD is better for patients.

Our cloud-based solution is designed with patients’ convenience in mind: It’s easy-to-understand while ensuring enhanced communication with their their doctors and medical providers, wherever the patient is.


Easy & Convenient Healthcare Access

MagnaMD allows your doctor or medical provider to quickly and consistently collect and access vital health data to provide you with closer monitoring without the need to spend more time collecting data.

It also allows you to provide information needed easily – without the need to travel to a doctor’s office. Efficient and frictionless data collection enables your doctor to truly focus on what’s important – looking at your health data, not on time-consuming data collection.


Improved Diagnosis

Being able to access consistent data enables your doctor or health specialist to provide better insights and make better decisions.

Your doctor or clinician would be able to see your health trends, and often , to even foresee potential events based on current patterns – and all of this is only possible, if they have access to consistent data collection.


Enhanced Quality Of Care

With cloud-based medical data collection ,patients can be assured that someone is looking and watching over their health, even when they are away from the doctor’s office.

Imagine during a routine check-in, a health provider notices that the patient’s blood pressure has dropped significantly compared to the previous 14 days. This anomaly can be flagged and communicated quickly to the patient’s doctor who can decide on further steps. This situation can then be monitored closely instead of it escalating to a much more serious situation. Preventative scenarios like this  provides the patient and their family peace of mind.


Reduced Travel Time
& Cost

With MagnaMD,  the patient can provide their medical data from home or wherever they are.

This eliminates information lapses or risks due to missed appointments, and of course, saves a lot of time and energy from trips to the doctor’s office for something that can easily be gathered from home or elsewhere.


Reduction of Expensive Travel Cost

Patients can connect with doctors and other healthcare professionals through RPM and telemedicine. Simultaneously, the doctor can check their health remotely. This eliminates the need for clinic visits so patients can save more money.

Using MagnaMD is easy and seamless!